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Posted by Development Team on February 3, 2019
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It was a high degree of professionalism, that made me first take notice of Ed Abdou, three years ago.  Ed hosted a pre-open house classy affair for the neighbours of the house he was selling.  His demeanour was very sincere and business-like.  You could tell that he was working for clients and not at all for just another commission cheque.  Being pushy is not a trait that Ed remotely possesses.  He is a listener!

Conversation with Ed is easy!  I had lived in my home for closer to twenty years and I was beginning to contemplate downsizing.  But, I was unsure.  It was a prospect that was daunting for me to say the least.  I am afraid I put Ed through the ‘proverbial realtor wringer’because I ran hot and cold a number of times.  And yet, Ed being a man of integrity never ever pushed me to sell, even when he presented me with an incredibly lucrative deal.  But the timing, just wasn’t right for me.  Ed was very empathetic and acted more like a trusted consultant and friend.

He addressed all my concerns as they came up.  Even though it was emotionally difficult (after 20 years!), Ed made the transition that much smoother for me.  I would say that he is a subject matter expert in real estate not only for the comparable properties in my area of North York, but he also answered my questions for the small town that I was moving to.  I am very confident in Ed’s proven capabilities and I would not hesitate to recommend Ed Abdou to anyone considering a real estate move.


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